Bae: Haha! You're a bitch!
Me: I'm a what?
Bae: Uhh... A beautiful, intelligent, top-chart hottie!

My boyfriend just called me a bitch…

A Beautiful, Intelligent, Top-Chart Hottie.

I wish I had a superpower where I just stopped giving a fuck.

You & your bf have been together for like 2 years right ?? Or 3? Was that last post sarcastic ? How has your relationship been since college ?
익명 회원

Wow you know what’s up! Yeah we’ve been together for just a bit over 3 years now! I’m surprised any of my followers know anything about my personal life haha.

Honestly I only posted that because we got into a fight and I needed to let it out somewhere. But we’re both fine now! We have gone through a lot these three years and I don’t think that there’s anything that could ever make me stop loving him. I’m crazy lol so I get mad a lot, but no matter what happens I’ll always love him! There’s no other person I can picture myself with besides him! I mean, he’s my best friend in the whole entire world! No one else shows me so much kindness and love and I am so grateful to have met him and still have him in my life. Too often I forget this though so that’s what causes me to get all moody but I’m going to try and make a promise to myself that I’m always going to remind myself that he really is always here for me. Whether we’re together or apart. He’s probably one of the few reasons why I’ve even made it through my first year of college haha.

But nothing has changed much since we started college together! I still see him often since our colleges are only an hour away from each other. I’m really lucky to see him as often as I do because I know other couples in LDRs wait so long before they see each other. I would hardly consider my relationship as an LDR since I see him almost once every week, but it’s still hard not going to the same college. But hey! We made it! Thank you for asking me this question, it made me realize all over again why I love him so much. (:

This is like a novel… Haha.

Koi fish.

Cannot wait for it to be summer, I am so done with college. No joke, I have never felt this stressed in my entire life. Being away from home and my boyfriend has been so hard, and I go home every two weeks and see my boyfriend almost every or every other weekend. But I am still dying emotionally ugh. 

The beach was so beautiful yesterday.

I really miss my mommy and daddy… Being away at college is so hard… Even though I’m still in the same state and I’m only an hour and 45 minutes away… Home is where I always feel so safe and loved, nothing compares.

I feel like the life has been sucked out of me, I don’t even know what to do anymore. I don’t want to do anything. I feel so empty.

And then here’s me actually singing! I sang:

"You Know I’m No Good" by Amy Winehouse and "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5!

Lol hi this is me about to sing.

Last selfie of 2013 🎉

The day I started filling in my eyebrows was the day my life completely changed.

🌼 Hi 🌼

One. More. Final. Left.

I don’t think I can do it anymore…

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